About Us

We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to telling the stories of Highway Robbery along the route of the Regina Bypass.

About Us

  • We're doing this to draw attention to the kind of taxpayer robbery that this new infrastructure represents.
  • We want to ensure that this doesn't happen again.
  • We believe that somebody needs to speak up and show our legislators that we are paying attention.
  • We fear this could happen again no matter which government is in power if we don’t speak up.
  • We believe our elected officials need a clear reminder that:                                                                                                                                                                      

Governments are held accountable by the taxpayers of Saskatchewan when they spend from the public purse without consideration for the impact on individuals.

WE ARE CONCERNED CITIZENS: For us, the founders of our group, this story played out right in our back yard so we are intimately familiar with the details. 

WE WERE DIRECTLY IMPACTED:  Our company, Super Seamless of Canada, found ourselves directly in the path of the last-minute changes made to the Regina Bypass plans.  These hastily implemented revisions had ignored the  approved permits that had been previously issued for our relocation and expansion.  Sadly we were not alone in having our futures rewritten.  Others also had their lives and properties severely affected.  

WE HAD PROPOSED VIABLE ALTERNATIVES:We did our best to propose functional and efficient alternatives that would be cost-effective and would not interfere with established plans that many had relied upon as they made arrangements for their future business and personal lives.

OUR PROTESTS WERE IGNORED: When we protested and sought recourse, we were denied consideration and our property was summarily dissected and our expansion plans were decimated.  

WE FELT FORCED TO LOOK FOR ANSWERS:  We spent over 20,000 hours researching and documenting our findings. The more we dug into this development, the more questions arose surrounding whose interests were being served. We couldn’t believe how we were being treated by our own local government.

WE WANT TO TELL EVERYONE WHAT WE DISCOVERED: We took to the streets, the airwaves, the internet and printed media to spread the word that this project needed serious scrutiny.  We created the “Highway Robbery / Why Tower Road? –Regina Bypass Land Scandal”  organization to draw attention to this fiasco.  You’re on this site because you want to know more.  Start by clicking on ‘History’ above and you’ll get the whole story!

YOU CAN OFFER YOUR OPINIONS AND SUGGESTIONS:  We are anxious to hear from you.  We think this issue is important and deserves everyone’s attention;   - especially if you are concerned about our provincial economy!