We are calling on all concerned people who live, work and pay taxes here in Saskatchewan to rally together and help rein in what appears to be significant expense decisions made without disclosure or accountability. It is the taxpayers of Saskatchewan who must carry the financial burden of these decisions made without any disclosure of the details in advance. The optics of these transactions are so poor that we wonder why any elected official would not be concerned when they realized how the facts would reflect would reflect upon them as they became known to the general public. When exposed to the light of day, it is hard to avoid thinking of these expenditures as anything other than conniving politicians and their insatiably greedy corporate sector friends appearing to help themselves to vast sums of our public funds.

Likely, many taxpayers believe, it is far too late to ever recoup even some of their wasted dollars. Nevertheless it is absolutely critical that we band together and demand more transparency and accountability from our elected officials before they enter into transactions that affect us all especially while benefiting only a selected few with exorbitant profits drawn fro the public coffer. We must ensure that this kind of secretive decision making by our elected public servants is prevented and can never reoccur.

As of October 24, our provincial politicians are back in session. We would like to see a mass demonstration in front of the Legislature with the public demanding openness, accountability and full disclosure of the facts surrounding this major infrastructure expense. From where we sit, the Regina Bypass project has all the earmarks of the greatest political scandal in Saskatchewan’s history. We demand that an intense light of investigation be focused on this situation. We need help from everyone in our province, including all the labor union administrators and their members. We want to rally as many people as possible to this cause.

We hope to communicate to every Saskatchewan taxpayer so that they become aware of the disturbing details of what has been happening in our province . These are details our ruling government appears to be trying to avoid discussing and hide from public scrutiny.

We need to broaden and amplify the call for an intensive Judicial Public Inquiry, an extensive Forensic Audit and a deeper more objective RCMP Economic Crimes Division Investigation. We need to put Saskatchewan on the road to fiscal recovery and we need to rid our province of what appears to be unscrupulous public and private sector “Highway Robbers.”

A closing quote from English philosopher, jurist and social reformer, Jeremy Bentham (b. February 15, 1748-d. June 6, 1832):
“Secrecy being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never to be the system of a regular government.”