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[Regina, Saskatchewan Oct, 2019] The biggest infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s history will go down in history as, Highway Robbery the Regina Bypass Land Scandal. The taxpayers of Saskatchewan are calling for a Judicial Public Inquiry and Forensic Audit into the Regina Bypass Land Scandal. The taxpayers of Saskatchewan want to know the following:

  • Why did the Government approve building an outdated, dysfunctional, unsafe, $2 Billion Dollar, developer influenced Bypass within city limits and fails to serve much of the purpose for which it was intended?
  • Land developers purchased 640 acres of land along Tower Road and had the Regina Bypass moved to accommodate their developments.
  • Thousands of people were impacted directly losing their land, homes, businesses, access, life’s work, health, history and future.
  • Land developers were paid up to 80 times more for their land than long term land, home and business owners along the Bypass route. Coincidentally, many of these individuals were either former employees of related government agencies or had prior business relationships with elected officials responsible for overseeing the project.
  • The cost of the Regina Bypass exploded from $400 Million to now over $2 Billion Dollars, five times more than the original estimate.
    Vinci, a French contractor that is deeply rooted in scandals in Europe was awarded the contract to build the $2 Billion Dollar Regina Bypass.
  • Premier Brad Wall signed an order in council to pay $21.1 Million Dollars for four times more land than was needed and paid 20 times more than others in the same area were paid. The 54 acres of land that was needed next to the GTH was only worth $312,000.
  • The 2 Billion Dollar expense + 6% PST on Construction and Service Industries has sent us spiraling into a recession
    After a partial investigation, the RCMP abruptly closed the file on the Regina Bypass and GTH Land Scandal and did not lay criminal charges.

The people of Saskatchewan deserve accountability and transparency in our government. If we turn a blind eye to wrongdoings of our government, how can we expect change? The issues of accountability and responsibility from our elected officials when handling public money are critical and fundamental. It appears from where we are that the only thing left to do now is put the safeguards in place that will prevent such abuses from reoccurring in the future.

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